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Essential Steps for Green Card Renewal

A permanent resident card, commonly known as a Green Card, is proof that its holder is a lawful permanent resident who has been granted permission to live and work in the United States. You can click to learn more about the Green Card. It is an essential part of identification. If your card expires, you are not giving up your permanent residence. You are still a permanent resident. Traveling abroad, getting a job, and renewing your driver’s license is useless without a valid permanent resident card. Therefore, every permanent resident needs to know how to reactivate a green card.Green Card

Download Form I-90 and Read the Instruction

You can apply to renew your green card about six months before it expires (but USCIS also warns that it will deny your application if it is submitted more than six weeks before the expiration date. You can download the 13-page I-90 form and instructions from the USCIS website. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you prepare the I-90 correctly. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to long-term immigration problems. The vast majority of people do not need a lawyer to renew a green card. But you should talk to an immigration attorney before applying if you have been detained, spent significant time out of the country (more than 180 days in a row), or have other immigration offenses.

Gather the Necessary Documents

For many applicants, very little supporting documentation is required when filing Form I-90. The vast majority of people only need to submit the USCIS filing fee (now $540) along with a photocopy of their permanent residence card. However, some applicants must submit additional documentation. They are not required to submit passport photos. USCIS eliminated this requirement a few years ago. However, you can wait in line at the USCIS regional office to submit your program. The regional office will forward the program to a central processing center.

Save Your Records

Inside on Save this important document. This is a receipt letter along with proof that you have submitted your green card renewal program. The correspondence is not an acknowledgment of receipt, and it is simply proof that you have started the process. The receipt letter will also have a receipt number that you can use to track your situation’s progress. Check the USCIS website under the Check Your Case Status tab to track the progress of your case.

Attend Your Biometric Appointment and Receive Your New Card

Approximately 3-5 Biometric appointment includes fingerprinting and photo for the green card. Biometric data is also used to obtain an FBI criminal background check. Read the letter carefully, which explains everything you need to bring to the appointment. This appointment can be rescheduled, but it will delay the renewal process. Unless you have mistakes or other problems renewing your green card, most men and women receive their new card after about five to six weeks. Your green card may look slightly different and will have some new security features.

Avoid the Renewal and Become

Green Card

Steps to Renew Your Green Card

Living in the United States as a permanent resident with the green card does not ultimately give you liberty from the visa and document trip. The card might allow you to live and work there, but once the card is expired, you will not be able to get a job, travel abroad, and other activities that need your resident card identification. Therefore, every permanent resident must renew their green card in time unless they get naturalization as the United States citizen.

Prepare Your Renewal Card Earlier

Before the expiry date, you must prepare all the documents needed earlier and submit the extension green card application around five to six months. If you register it more than six months before the expiry date, USCIS also warns, however, that your application will be rejected. 

USCISPrepare the form I-90 to renew a card that you can download along with its instruction through the USCIS website. As you can also use the I-90 form to replace something that contains data that has been incorrect, lost/stolen, or damaged, read the instructions carefully to be sure with your form I-90 and any documents related as well. USCIS may reject your registration submitted incorrectly, and these errors, occasionally, may lead to immigration problems.

Most people do not call a lawyer to do the renewal. Still, if you are busy and cannot spare time to comply with the process, including the vital medical immigrant examination regulation that keeps changing, you can start looking for an immigration law firm. It should be a must when you have immigrant violations such as spending a significant amount of time abroad (more than 180 days in the same period), getting arrested, or committing crimes. If you think that asking for a lawyer helps cost you more, you might want to do the renewal online.

Collect Documents and E-mails

Although most individuals only need few documents to submit along with form I-90, the applicants have to pay the USCIS registration fee and a photocopy of their permanent resident card. In other cases, some applicants must submit additional documents to prove their residency. Please make a copy of your green card renewal application along with the documents to pass through the local office line and mail it directly to the USCIS. Do not forget to send it in a confidential mail and save the receipt.

Keep Your E-mail Notice from USCIS

You will receive an application form I-797 C from USCIS by e-mail after 2-3 weeks. Save this document because it acts as the receipt and proof that you can continue to proceed to the next step. In the receipt, you may also get a receipt number that you can use to track the progress of your case in the “check the status of your case” feature of the USCIS website.

Attend Your Biometric Appointment

After one or two weeks later, you will again receive a letter of referral for review by USCIS. This letter is a biometric appointment that includes fingerprinting